We spend our lives making decisions. We decide where we live, what we eat, who we see, and what interests us. We quickly forget them sometimes, and make decisions without deciding the possible outcome. We think we have it together and something can go out of place and you are left with mayhem.

This story on Sunday was about decisions. It was a foolish decision to give up the security of home to take 1/2 of his father’a life, in theory, and try to go without guidance and support. It was about seeing the value in who remains and understanding that everyone is important to understanding and love. The interesting part was how the story lefts out all the character in the story. Pastor Ryan pointed out that there were no women in the story. How would a woman have adjusted the outcome of the story? The son made the decision and the father agreed.

There is no need to complete the story because we know the outcome yet everyday somewhere this story plays out and the imbalance is not lost on people of different cultures. The western culture calls it the young man’s problem, and the others (Russia, Arab, and Kenya) all see the situation around the young man. I asked someone from the India area and she pointed out the dissatisfaction. There are many answers but it comes down to decisions.

We all have to made them but the challenge is seeing the outcome in our decisions. Ask yourself about your decisions, and see how it benefits the quality of life for the people around you, your community, and your future. Think about your decisions and learn from seeing when decisions go wrong. Thank you Ryan for an important and open-minded look at the challenging story of the Prodigal Son.