Wayne Schwandt

These years have passed quickly and what seems like a lifetime is only 4 years of words remembered, laughter, original blessing, and our potluck conversations with some meals being less than balanced. Wayne, your energy and spirit, still flows through our hearts. Your messages have new audiences and they will never know the power of your voice but we do. You were welcoming and warmth, reminding us we were not original sin but a blessing.

All of us have changed and our places in our spirit and temple have adjusted. We climbed mountains and got through valleys because we found our chosen family in our gatherings. This is true even if some of us do not see each other eye-to-eye, we are still family. Thank you Wayne. Thank you for your vision and drive to see the power of loving wastefully. Thank you for your words that would shake the trees of their nuts and plant new thoughts. Thank you for for all encompassing love that still grows within all of our beings.

I still miss your warm encompassing hugs that felt like pure unfiltered love coming through. I still miss those unfiltered moments of being straightforward with us and letting the truth drop of our thirsty beings. I enjoyed the openness of our discussion groups and miss the challenging of what society calls normal. I loved the physical and mental/spiritual breaks from the daily drama of life. Again, thank you for your vision and for sharing your vision with us.

(((This is my HUG to you, Wayne.)))

Love Always,


Christmas Party 2014 & the Snowman

Christmas Party 2014 & the Snowman