The Church is...

The church is brick, glass, wood, nails, plumbing, doors, and furniture. The church is the center of our activities and it will be the center. The church is a building! The church is one part and can easier disappear.

The community is open, large, supportive, present, and connected. We hope that community is like that! We hope that we can be that blessing called community and not closed hearts. Yet the church can close their hearts and community is a small circle.

Let us be a place to gather together as community and church. Let us use our bodies and minds as a building where we embrace the spirit of community and the security of the building within us. We can be a church community anywhere.

Let us go to the playground and share a smile: “Church” community

Let us help a strange lost in our community: “Church” community

Let us give back to the people around us: “Church” community

Let us share a meal with family and friends: “Church” community

Let us engage each other with support and love through our challenges…”Church” community

Let us be a church to each other…Let us <3 <3 <3…