A million voices screaming in unity and no one is listening to anyone: We are all focused on ourselves and our own pain and struggle. We cannot hear that we need each other.

Chris and I were discussing disconnect as a general discussion. We came to one central point and that was the challenges of disconnection. The one point was the challenges of a single woman with disabilities and a single mother with disabilities caring for children who also have disabilities. We discussed that we live in disconnection and that we are a self-supporting system. While we have the emotional support of the community, practical support is absent so much of the time. But, practical support is what we truly need.

We do not have the luxury of a two-parent household, extended family, or Community Support for our daily nurturing. We understand the challenges and face the million voices alone. When we attempt to discuss are disconnected we come up with misunderstanding because of the additional support mechanisms that single individuals or single parents do not receive. We were left trying to figure out how we could get people to understand our challenges and how our challenges affect relationships around us. Even attempting to show others what we must handle on a regular basis overwhelms them and they pull back rather than understanding how they might offer support. Even asking for help often is met with general recommendations rather than personal offers or personal connections that might solve the issue.

In reflecting on our conversation, Wednesday morning, I recalled the statement of another friend who said that there is no such thing as being disconnected. The problem is we are overly connected to things that blind us to those needed connections and it is worse than any disease that medical science can come up with. It breaks the fibers that build the foundation of love. The disconnect causes people to not see the strength and beauty of love, therefore Humanity is getting lost. Disconnection closes the foundation of love. The questions that came to my mind were who is willing to open up and listen to the millions of voices screaming in unison and understand the challenges of disconnection.

Who is willing?