Music is powerful and one line can say it all:

I will raise you up on eagle’s wing

My blue boat home

Sing, Sing a song

Country roads take me home

You with the sad eyes

i hope you dance

How sweet the sound

Call me, Call line

I see your true colours

A candle in the wind

Chances are when I wear a silly grin

Blue, blue, blue suede shoes

Let it be, Let it be

Let me hide myself in thee

You can have a good meal

Tomorrow night, tomorrow night

Let the sun shine

Climb every mountain

You look happy to meet me

It’s my party

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The day the music died.

Music is everything and we all need it…

Come, Come whomever you are

Wonder, worshiper, and lover of leaving

Ours is no caravan of despair

Come yet again come <3

Please enjoy music…

And make more <3