Thank You

Thank you is underestimated.  People don’t stop to be thankful for each other.  We need more of this.

Here is my “Thank You” List:
1. My church community for being presence in my life and helping to ground me. (Evolve & UCCA)
2. Wayne Schwandt for sharing his reflections and Original Blessing.
3. Eve and John Hurwitz for being friends that became chosen family.
4. Friends that make me see that friendship is not need based but spiritually based.
5. Chris Wilson for her open ear even with her busy schedule.
6. Family that is in present in spirit.  
7. The opportunity of many people that pass through that I will never know.
8. Those who have passed that remind me my journey is one I need to keep alive.
9. The random moments of when all you can do is embrace and learn.
10.  The divine-ness of the Universe for the awe of this.

Thank You <3 <3 <3