Winds of Change

The wind blows over you and you feel the breeze. It is a sweet smell that dances into your being. You feel it’s call and follow the it. The revolution speaks and you know the journey as you have felt it. You feared to follow!

You climb the wind and follow it in your mind. Your mind knows the moment and embraces it. Your mind knows the plan and the fearful being must address the caged feeling that grows. Your being no longer wants to stare at the purple triangles or the open sky, and wonder.

The winds of change can come in the smallest of moments, and those moments can grow into infinity opportunities. If you ride that wind, the fearfulness will appear and tell you to return to purple triangles and open sky as they are only dreams.

If you ride that wind, trust its sweetness and travel into the purple triangles, letting your mind travel through the red and blue making purple come to life. If you follow beyond the purple triangle, let the open sky carry you. Put your fingers out and feel the wet paint of change. Put your being in the wind and fly through the open sky and talk with the clouds.

The winds of change knows your name and whispers are now songs. Trust the change and the clouds will share their secrets. The bright light will shine and fearfulness will see the winds of change as universal love. Follow, ride, touch, feel, and see…the Winds are Calling!

September 9th, 2017 by Erine Sedicum

September 9th, 2017 by Erine Sedicum