The Scream

That moment inside of you when your voice becomes this twisted sound like that of the walls closing in and there is no way out.  You know what it is and understand it is growth.  Growth is not only in our bodies but also in our spirit.  We cannot sit in the same place day after day and not be affected by growth.  Yet so many hear that scream and let it scream into silence. 

My scream is to speak out and not on the page.  My story is screaming at me.  It seeks to be alive and as I seeks life, I find life.  My eyes see the lost screams who have covered it, they think it is noise.  I feel and see their “noise” and I do no want to see the scream as being noise.  I want to listen and respect it, and use it to be the vehicle of change.

Change is so important to the growth of the Universe.  The Universe is a massive opportunity to embrace the idea of human connectivity.  Yet we continue to scream over each other.  Our individual screams do the same thing.  It needs to stop.  We need to stop! 

  The screaming will only continue if we don’t listen.  The screaming is the knowledge there is more.  Let that more come out and be.  It understands the power of growth and change, and it pushes you to be where and who you need to be.  Listen and take the risk; be present in the opportunity that the Universe is offering.

Footnote: Prayer is a way that we listen our screaming, and prayer is growth and change.  


The moment when my scream was silenced and I was listening, and when prayer was my scream.  The words came!