Open Doors

We spend our lives not trying doors. We assume they are locked to us. We assume have no right to enter as we know the choices we had in the past could force them closed. We believe society with our placement in it. We see through their eyes and not our own.

When we decide we are tired of all the “locked” doors, we try them and our own doubts make them locked to us. We feel the injustice and it travels into the core of our being. We fight the desire to not open the “locked” doors. We fight the words embedded into us of why we can’t open the “locked” doors.

This fight, the desire, is the faith in ourselves coming to life. The fight is the spirit of our creator, calling us to do the work of the Universe. It is self-love that grows and reminds us we are not our doubts but our strengths instilled by our creator. It is only then that these “locked” doors open. It is then you see the beauty and strength of you.