My Church Community Experience

I'm reflecting on my church experience. I've attended church on and off since I was a child. I attended some form of church between the ages of 5 and 19 intermittently. I took a break from church and returned in my mid-30s. I have attended church regularly since my mid-30s.

Here are some of my reflections of church that I can recall and present. My church in College Park discussed the state of the country and the communities around us. I learned that it was okay to have women talk about the state of our country and the communities around us.

When I returned to church later on in life I had a completely different experience and that one was one of judgment. They look upon me as a single woman and several Church communities try to get me into they're dating groups. I was content to be single and I'm still contend to be single and God use a single people as well as married people.

After surfing many churches and having many experiences, I finally found Evolve which originally was M3C. They turned everything I ever knew into something completely wonderful and shared community. They woke up the discussions I had at that church in College Park. They enhanced the experiences I had at AACC through they're open ended questions at Bible study. Evolve found a beautiful community joined it and that Community was the United Church of Christ of Annapolis.

This experience opened up everything I could have imagined and it made me question what other Church communities are doing. This little church is out there and asking people open up the discussion. We know God is still speaking and we hope other Church are doing the same thing.

My question is a simple one and I look forward to answers. Maybe it's two questions ...
What is your church community doing for the community beyond your microcosm community? What risks are you willing to take that shows your faith in humanity has not failed but is growing? I welcome open discussion...

(Originally a Facebook post)