We live our lives and we learn to speak. Our community gives us language. Our community can make us or break us by words. Words have power.

My story is more of words breaking me. These words become these viruses that grew until I could successfully destroy any successes I even had. I thought it funny the comments of my own simply-ness. It was only this summer when I turned 53 that my friend, Eve, requested that I stop tearing myself down. I was grateful for her honesty. I was grateful those words were silenced.

My new normal is to use those words in reverse. It is a challenge to accept that the failure you were is the success of the future. That spiritual mountain is easily climbed when the message is about your potential. The struggle is real to remain in my new normal because those old words still live in the memory. The override is to see hope in a sea of storm clouds. Those old words get smaller and they change, and then become a butterfly that carries the new words into your universe.

My new word is overwhelming. Iā€™m overwhelmed by the overwhelming encouragement, support, guidance, presence, and love I have experienced. Words have power, How are you using your words?