Reflecting on Seasons

This week is unofficial end of Summer.  People pack up themselves and Fall back into work.  When I was younger, I thought Summer was my favorite season.  Yet as I have aged, I almost long of Fall as people seem less distance.  Fall people want to reunion and engage each other more.  Don't get me wrong as I love Summer and how I can enjoy the freedom of longer day and crabs, LOL.

I wish that the four paths in Creation Spiritual that we could apply to the Seasons of the year.  Some people like those in the Armed Services, healthcare, correction situation, sickness and homelessness don't see the World the same way.  Their world is 24/7 and there is no break.  Their Summer maybe a moment or a day when they have a vacation.  

I look at it like this.  Sad as it is to see the weather get cooler and clothing get heavier, I am happy to see another season and more opportunities to connect.  There are more opportunities to talk, even with only your physical presence.  Talking can be beyond words.  Let us embrace all the Seasons and find the best in ourselves.









As the Summer fades and our worship of all that is sand and crabs,

Let us embrace the wonderment of knowledge

Packaged with all that was before and all that is...

Let us not forget the worship of that is Summer

As each season we discover something new and wonderful.

Let us enjoy the changes of color and dance 

of many that are partner-less but still

Live in community.



Together we complete much

Yet we live in a time

When together is lost or losing ground.

I watch people today

and I wonder what the future will be...

But I hope I am wrong...

We need to work together

and never settle for what is 

But what is possible.

Photo: Rick Dove

Photo: Rick Dove


This is the first summer in a long time where I have focused on rebooting myself.  My current field of childcare and now mental health has been a rewarding tired.  I have found myself looking at what many consider to be unimportant, very important.  Fun being one of them.  Fun can be simple.  It was something I overlooked.  

Why do I bring up fun?  July is my birthday month.  I decided I'm done with parties until the ones that matter.  I wanted your time and I received it.  I gave myself time too.  This month and a few days beyond I will have enjoyed 4 concerts with one being free and the other a birthday gift, Clay Bakers, lunch and a movie, 2 birthday cakes, and appreciation of time.  This was fun to me.  The icing on all this was winner at BINGO at the Glen Burnie Carnival on Monday late evening enjoying a Pulled Pork Sandwich with Funnel Cake for Dinner.  My prize was a child's mermaid towel, and Yes I'm keeping it!  

Why do I bring up fun?  Fun is connecting and seeing what brings you pleasure.  This connecting is important as fun is spiritual and growth happens with fun as our hearts open and we see people differently.  How do you have fun and does it help open your heart?  Or does it leave an aftertaste?  Remember fun is spiritual and growth happens...  







REST is important, and it causes problems when you don't get it.  The best thing we can do is to what brings us energy.  We all REST differently.  Enjoy any opportunity to discover new ways to REST your body, mind, and spirit.   



The sun dances over the water,

letting its reflection travel over the surface...

We are like the sun with each other

As it appears over paths don't cross

But in truth our paths...

Our paths may have already crossed.

We do not know what lies ahead

But we know we are interconnected...


Heart Rhythm

There comes that moment when your heart rhythm changes.  The heart of the spirit, and there is a fire coming from within that awakens.  That is the moment when action screams, and you are best to not overlook it.  It will get stronger and when you try to silence it you stop reflecting, and become bitter or blind.  Just trust your heart rhythm as it knows when change must come.  God is calling you to action.

faith over arms... March 18.jpg
5 Voices Silenced but we are not!


I normally have something to say.  I normally will put something out there so I can reflect on the week but right now I have a hole.  I am wondering about our voices and are we afraid to raise them.  

On Sunday Afternoon, I told a stranger, "I LOVE YOU. We may never see each other again but I LOVE YOU."  She replied, "You never know, we may see each other again."

That is one of the hardest moments I had in a long time.  I am still speechless but maybe I'm not.  Let us raise our VOICES in body, mind, and spirit and know GOD IS ALWAYS PRESENT!

Four are my photos taken Sunday after church.  I was unaware that a Baltimore Sun Reporter was going to be present.  Thank you for being our VOICES. 

Gazette image.jpg


This is the plant from my Pop-Pop's funeral in June 2009.  It was once a community but life happens and it was only one leaf.  I put in water and let it re-root itself and then returned it to the soil.  I was overjoyed when a second leaf came.  I looked a few days ago to see a third.  I am in awe of the miracle.  I will need to increase it's community.   LOVE...This plant is LOVE.   

We need to grow and support each other.  We all will struggles but love is patience, courage, and strength.  Thank you for walking with me through all my concerns and joys, my companions 

Love Always...




CELEBRATE our moments,

Our connection maybe brief or a lifetime,

But it is the effect that...


Can last a lifetime!!!





Courage is a dance of faith opening a door yet we say courage isn't in all of us.  For some, courage is saying Hello to a stranger and for others it is coming out as who you are.  In this month of Pride, I was proud to be in LGBTQ and non-binary community.  I feel the courage to embrace my identity and stand a little taller.  I am proud of my community and our courage.  

Courage is also people who see the world through other lens.  They open their minds to new possibilities, knowing the risks.  They understand the importance of diversity and that growth comes it.  They plant the seeds and they grow.   I am proud of this community.

Courage is everywhere and can be only a moment.  That makes all the difference.  Are you a difference maker?   How strong is your faith?   Do you have courage?  

Thank You

You open the door...

Thank you...

You place an order...

Thank You...

You share thoughts and opinions...

Thank you...

You share who you are and understand who I am...

Thank you.

You have time to look and said,

"Thank you."

Simple perhaps but makes all the difference so...



I watch the news or someone will comment on an events when I'm not able to catch the news.  I see the meaning of worth.  Was it "worth" it?  Was it "worth" the cost?  Is it "worth" the effects to the communities around us?  

We so often sit silent and do nothing over what we can do.  The simple act of making someone feel "worth" something could make a difference.  It's the small things that are the biggest difference.  I know It is not that simple but it is a beginning.  Your "worth" to me as a community or family is greatly appreciated and I find it wonderful to know that sense of connect still exists.  The world of interconnectedness is priceless and "worth" more than you know. 


I'm not what is expected

I live as I am and I am me...

I am not a fashion plate

nor am I a head-turner

and yet I am real

I make mistakes...

I misjudge things...

Man is forever learning

Being real and accepting the real-ness

of what one is in the beginning,

the middle, and the end.

Embrace your real-ness

and find the path to your self-truth.



Will You

I am not the weather

I am not a brief "Hello."

I am not a side conversation

I am not to be talked at but to

I have a lot to say...

It may not be earth-shaking

It may not be your favorite subject

It may make you uncomfortable

What do you think I feel?

I want my voice heard over...

Can you take the time?

Or Will you?

Really, Will you?


Today, May 2nd, going to morning shift I heard an interest fact.  It stated that the loneliest people are no longer the elderly but between the ages of 18 to 22.  The radio hosts stated "could it be social media."  At that point I was almost at the light but the thought lingers in my head.

I work in service (support) industry and that is my source of income.  That is not to say no one else works with people.  People are disconnected but connection is present if we look for it.  Yes, social media is connection but it's not physical.  Yes, retail is connection but your job decides how much connection you have.  Health, Education, Ministry, and volunteerism is more people-based.  It is the same in our personal life.  

Recently, the importance of connection was reinforced.  The recent death of our church member, Sherry, was all about connections.  She spoke up and stood up for the greater community when many people are too busy being self-absorbed.  She put fire under people's feet and pushed by being presence.  Thank you is too little to say.  Pass it on...Pass it on and continue!

Every year, I attend 2 free fleas at a church in Severna Park.  This year, my friend named Mary stated her prayed for me to get a full-time job and I have.  We connect only twice a year but we are happy to see each other.  This year was different as I had a friend call in need and her family is going through another member passing.  I let my friend know I trusted Mary and they prayed together.  They connected.  Mary commented, "People don't talk face-to-face anymore."  I have to agree and I miss a good conversation.  We are now connected by more than just the free fleas and prayer

I use social media a lot and in a way this is social media.  I use it for people I rarely see as we have busy lives and live in other areas.  I do feel the disconnect but I know with some I can physically connect through phone or direct contact.  It is still very difficult.  I see the struggle to find connection when more of your interactions are not physical.  I understand what it takes to reach out.and I have to improve in my personal life.

How to solve disconnect? It won't get better unless we put the phone or other devices down.  We need to stop and listen to each other from body language to spoken.  We need to trust each other and not fear what we don't understand about each other.  We need to be able to disagree and still embrace each other.  Disconnect is not easy to solve and I will not make it easy to solve.  I will say just being presence in the space, really in the space, is connection.  This is why I enjoy my work...I can share and embrace of beauty of connection.


How do you measure invisible? Is it measured by how many friends you have or don't have? Is it measured by what you do today? Is it measured by who's in contact with you? Or, if you are on social media? Is it???

Invisible is impossible to measure. Everyone feels invisible, yet we choose not to see it. Have you ever had a moment when you're with a group of people and they're making introductions, and somehow your introduction gets overlooked? You know distraction is easy and once somebody starts talking to somebody well.... We all have done it. Recently invisible and individual have clarified itself to me. It is surprising that the simple act of listening, engaging, and experiencing can do for a person. It is surprising how invisible isn't discussed.

I have held many jobs in my life. Most of my jobs have been with children, but I also have worked with adults in all facets of my life. It is surprising how when you become the Wallflower that you notice so much. You know your own story, and how and why you have experienced invisible. When you stand back and see how others experience it, it is gut-wrenching and makes you wonder... Wonder, Wonder, Wonder.

I wish I had an answer to break the invisible. This is an answer I don't know. But I know what is important is to not fear or get so angry that you feel like punching a hole in a wall to bring out life from it.  Invisible is not a bad thing, there are times we have to become invisible or have quiet times so we can punch a hole and pull that life out. When you do that you'll find some of the most beautiful people all around you and the bond of warmth, love, and encouragement will grow. So dance with the invisible and see the beauty that lies deep within.


I am a Dandelion

I am strong...

I am tough...

I don't know the meaning of...

My faith is present...

My seeds will spread...

My faith will grow...

So will our faith...

If we are a dandelion!!!

"I declare I am a Dandelion."