Speechless again

I’m between anger and disbelief,

I‘m screaming and no voice is coming on

Yet again…

Yet again…

Yet again…

11 White Roses…

More remembrances…

I’m between anger and disbelief,

Action should have started yesterday -

People should have taken notice -

I’m speechless again!

Yet again…

Yet again…

11 White Roses…

11 White Roses in remembrance to the victims in Pittsburgh.

11 White Roses in remembrance to the victims in Pittsburgh.

To Be A Voice

To be a Voice

Or not to be

Is an underlying question.

We spend our lives

Making connections to

Journeys we can’t see,

Yet we risk it!

We cross paths…

We cross paths…

A Voice that was once

Silenced by its own struggles

Hears the drums

Of the inner Voice!

To be a Voice

Or not to be

Is an underlying question.

Purpose: Reflection from Bible Study Romans 9 to 12

We question why life is what it is. Why some of us struggle and yet feel like we are receiving nothing. Why others have it all or so it seems. These are not questions but reflections. If I had a question, it would be only one. My question is, what is the purpose for everything?

The additional questions only have to clarify the purpose and how it happens. The comedy is this, we don’t know until it happens. It is then we question with all the smaller daily ones. It is then, when we wonder over and over.

The path to purpose is not easy to explain or understand. It has so many unexpected options not written by us. We only know that it is written. We have to trust what is written if we are to see the questions to ask!

The answer to the main question of what is the purpose for everything is knowledge, growth, and living. It is all we can do.

Dark Moments

The dark moments when all that is left is the hope. There are some that said dark moments need not exist. Others who said that …it does not matter. What happens in truth is justice, honesty and freedom. Let us come together walk in the light. We are light and energy.

Our Church

So it seems our church is one with many communities. We found our way to World AIDS Day and Rev. Wayne Schwandt, who was EVOLVE Chesapeake. The churches came together and my community, EVOLVE Chesapeake, is a part of UCCA today. Our church stood up and continues to do so for the greater community, and people know we care. We participate in Winter Relief and share our time and talent to assist people in need. We have marched, spoke up, and challenged the acceptable norms of society. What we have done is too numerous to name.

Our church has opened it’s doors to people that have been looking for a church home. They found a church home and found acceptance. It is not often when you miss your church more then your family and friends but I do. Our church is family and we see community as a part of the World around us. Is there any greater reason? Not one I can find.

Wrestling with...

I wrestled with myself for 52 years. I have had to climb mountains, at times, feeling alone. People telling me that I have no right to feel what I feel. People telling me that I was less than human for whatever reason. People telling me that my kind don’t fit in. I’m done wrestling!

I want to wrestle with what can be done. I want the tools available to make the wrestling match balanced and the rules the same. I want people who wrestle themselves to not fear what is inside them and accept their uniqueness.

God, Our Creator, Mother Earth, or the many countless names created us for a purpose. It could be we have to wrestle ourselves first so we have the strength to wrestle other forces. It could be the other forces had to come in to give us what we need to get the strength. Our purpose in the wrestling is growth.


Be like a Dandelion

Keep coming up and never…

SURJ Meeting September 1st...AACo Public Transportation

I would like to begin to explain why this issue is important to me.  When I first became independent of my ex in October of 2003, I was without a drivers license and a car.  I was in my mid-30's when I got a license and my first car in Fall 2006.  I used public transportation to get around and learned to navigate the system.  My use of public transportation helped me get back on my feet and I'm grateful to the system being available so I could work, attend classes, and live.  I want the same for other people.

The SURJ Annapolis and AA County Charter Meeting addressed "Racism threatening AACo Public Transportation."  The speaker was Samuel Jordan who used the words, "White Supremacy," to state the problem.  My focus is not on the words, White Supremacy, but the issues.  Many people will stay focused on the wording when the problem needs to be addressed and discussed.

The points that needs to be considered are basic.

1. The claim of high crime for being a reason to limit or remove services on the system is prejudice against communities.

2. The Police Dept stands with the SURG group that crime is not rampage.

3. The additional time required to get to and from jobs will increase and limits opportunities and incomes.  Employers understand transportation is an issue and can use that to limit wages and benefits to employees.

4. The language adjustment to poor white communities so they are not seeing it will hurt them as well.

5. Public School Students have used the system to get to and from school in the area. 

6. Students at Colleges/Tech/Training Programs use the system to get to and from their education.  They want opportunities too.

7. Funds from the AACo Public Transportation were pulled when the Red Line Extension was stopped after 7 years planning.  Funds instead will go to the highway instead. There are concerns parking and environmental risks.

8. The limiting of access to all service whether personal, health/well-being, and entertainment.

9. Communities outside the area like Crofton, Pasadena, and other areas do not see the benefit of parking the car, and coming into the light rail as an economical and helpful to the area.  Traffic congestion is a serious safety concern.

10. Jobs were lost after the Red Line Extension was eliminated and, in addition, will be limiting or eliminating jobs due to lack of higher education.  Many individuals lack a college education but are skilled workers and those opportunities we will be lost.

What is important here is understanding we need to see the facts and put our judgements aside. 

Please check links below...Thank you.




Reflecting on Seasons

This week is unofficial end of Summer.  People pack up themselves and Fall back into work.  When I was younger, I thought Summer was my favorite season.  Yet as I have aged, I almost long of Fall as people seem less distance.  Fall people want to reunion and engage each other more.  Don't get me wrong as I love Summer and how I can enjoy the freedom of longer day and crabs, LOL.

I wish that the four paths in Creation Spiritual that we could apply to the Seasons of the year.  Some people like those in the Armed Services, healthcare, correction situation, sickness and homelessness don't see the World the same way.  Their world is 24/7 and there is no break.  Their Summer maybe a moment or a day when they have a vacation.  

I look at it like this.  Sad as it is to see the weather get cooler and clothing get heavier, I am happy to see another season and more opportunities to connect.  There are more opportunities to talk, even with only your physical presence.  Talking can be beyond words.  Let us embrace all the Seasons and find the best in ourselves.









As the Summer fades and our worship of all that is sand and crabs,

Let us embrace the wonderment of knowledge

Packaged with all that was before and all that is...

Let us not forget the worship of that is Summer

As each season we discover something new and wonderful.

Let us enjoy the changes of color and dance 

of many that are partner-less but still

Live in community.



Together we complete much

Yet we live in a time

When together is lost or losing ground.

I watch people today

and I wonder what the future will be...

But I hope I am wrong...

We need to work together

and never settle for what is 

But what is possible.

Photo: Rick Dove

Photo: Rick Dove


This is the first summer in a long time where I have focused on rebooting myself.  My current field of childcare and now mental health has been a rewarding tired.  I have found myself looking at what many consider to be unimportant, very important.  Fun being one of them.  Fun can be simple.  It was something I overlooked.  

Why do I bring up fun?  July is my birthday month.  I decided I'm done with parties until the ones that matter.  I wanted your time and I received it.  I gave myself time too.  This month and a few days beyond I will have enjoyed 4 concerts with one being free and the other a birthday gift, Clay Bakers, lunch and a movie, 2 birthday cakes, and appreciation of time.  This was fun to me.  The icing on all this was winner at BINGO at the Glen Burnie Carnival on Monday late evening enjoying a Pulled Pork Sandwich with Funnel Cake for Dinner.  My prize was a child's mermaid towel, and Yes I'm keeping it!  

Why do I bring up fun?  Fun is connecting and seeing what brings you pleasure.  This connecting is important as fun is spiritual and growth happens with fun as our hearts open and we see people differently.  How do you have fun and does it help open your heart?  Or does it leave an aftertaste?  Remember fun is spiritual and growth happens...  







REST is important, and it causes problems when you don't get it.  The best thing we can do is to what brings us energy.  We all REST differently.  Enjoy any opportunity to discover new ways to REST your body, mind, and spirit.   



The sun dances over the water,

letting its reflection travel over the surface...

We are like the sun with each other

As it appears over paths don't cross

But in truth our paths...

Our paths may have already crossed.

We do not know what lies ahead

But we know we are interconnected...


Heart Rhythm

There comes that moment when your heart rhythm changes.  The heart of the spirit, and there is a fire coming from within that awakens.  That is the moment when action screams, and you are best to not overlook it.  It will get stronger and when you try to silence it you stop reflecting, and become bitter or blind.  Just trust your heart rhythm as it knows when change must come.  God is calling you to action.

faith over arms... March 18.jpg
5 Voices Silenced but we are not!


I normally have something to say.  I normally will put something out there so I can reflect on the week but right now I have a hole.  I am wondering about our voices and are we afraid to raise them.  

On Sunday Afternoon, I told a stranger, "I LOVE YOU. We may never see each other again but I LOVE YOU."  She replied, "You never know, we may see each other again."

That is one of the hardest moments I had in a long time.  I am still speechless but maybe I'm not.  Let us raise our VOICES in body, mind, and spirit and know GOD IS ALWAYS PRESENT!

Four are my photos taken Sunday after church.  I was unaware that a Baltimore Sun Reporter was going to be present.  Thank you for being our VOICES. 

Gazette image.jpg


This is the plant from my Pop-Pop's funeral in June 2009.  It was once a community but life happens and it was only one leaf.  I put in water and let it re-root itself and then returned it to the soil.  I was overjoyed when a second leaf came.  I looked a few days ago to see a third.  I am in awe of the miracle.  I will need to increase it's community.   LOVE...This plant is LOVE.   

We need to grow and support each other.  We all will struggles but love is patience, courage, and strength.  Thank you for walking with me through all my concerns and joys, my companions 

Love Always...




CELEBRATE our moments,

Our connection maybe brief or a lifetime,

But it is the effect that...


Can last a lifetime!!!