Iona Community Morning Prayers

9am every Sunday during the summer months, beginning June 17


This weekly service, which lasts about 40 minutes with no musical accompaniment, draws from the Iona Community Prayer Book. Based in Scotland, the Iona Community has been a powerful spiritual centre over the centuries.  Pastor Ryan is an Associate Member of the Iona Community. 

The worship resources that our prayers will follow "reflect the Iona Community's commitment to the belief that worship is all that we are and all that we do, both inside and outside the church, with no division into the sacred and the secular. The material draws on many traditions, including the Celtic, and aims to help us to be fully present to God, who is fully present to us - in our neighbour, in the political and social activity of the world around us, and in the very centre and soul of our being."

Read here for more information on the Iona Community.