AIJN Update

AIJN has been incredibly busy lately and wanted to give everyone an update on what is going on. 

Very happy to announce that the beginnings of our legal fund last year are starting to show some important wins. We have confirmed that 3 of our clients have now received U.S. Legal Work Authorization Permits and 2 of them received Social security cards within the last 2 weeks. Several others have legal work permits coming down the pipeline. Our clients are VERY happy and excited to be able to work in the United States legally while their asylum cases wind through the immigration courts. One man wrote to us that "I want to tell you that my work permit arrived. Thank you very much for all you have done for me and my family. May God bless you always." He went on to tell us that he now dreams of starting a construction company. 

A few weeks ago, a local man, "Franklin", came to our attention after he received an ominous letter in the mail from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) asking him to show up at their office for "an interview". Franklin has lived in the United States for over 20 years, has U.S. children and is undocumented. He was very scared. In just a few days, we helped connect him to a great lawyer, Kate, in Baltimore. Franklin was facing possible incarceration or bond but Kate was able to negotiate with I.C.E. BEFORE he arrived at his interview so that he would not be incarcerated or forced to pay a bond. Instead, they released him on his own recognizance within an hour! He was so relieved about this and was so grateful to us for connecting him to a great lawyer. Kate said that Franklin is actually eligible for relief so although he is now in immigration court proceedings, she will represent him as he pursues an avenue of relief to stay here in the United States. The concerning part of this whole story is that he explained to us that when he sat down with the I.C.E. Officer, he noticed that his old passport picture was showing up on the ICE Officer's computer screen. It turns out that he had submitted that older passport when he applied for his driver's license at the Maryland MVA several years ago. (In Maryland, you can apply for a drivers license if you have lived here for more than 2 years and can show proof regardless of your immigration status). Which I think begs the question ---- is the MVA sharing information with I.C.E.? Kate told us that this is the 4th case that has come across her desk lately with the same kind of scenario. 

Lastly, last night we had an AMAZING night. After AIJN was swamped by families arriving to Anne Arundel County from Central America, we decided to have an "open house". I wasn't sure everyone would be able to travel to our open house but I was shocked when almost all of the families showed up before we even started. We had 3 interpreters (Audrey, Brian and Karen) along with our case manager, Patricia Dorn-Lopez, our Vice President, Kelly Price, and another volunteer, Ellie. I have all of them to thank for an AMAZING job they did last night in helping every single family with answering questions. One man thought he had a hearing in 2 weeks and that he was about to be deported but we taught him how to call the 1-800 hotline number where he discovered his next court hearing is not until 2022!! He was so relieved. We made it very clear to the families that we are not lawyers but a group of volunteers who care and want to try and help connect them to lawyers. Many of the families came up to each of us and gave us hugs as they left. All of us realized last night how critically important our group is to the immigrant community and it showed me that AIJN has clearly built up a level of trust within the immigrant community. We will be spending the next few weeks lining these people up with legal consultations to assess their cases, assist them on their asylum applications if needed, provide accompaniments to immigration hearings and ICE/ISAP check-ins and help out a few who have been wearing ankle monitors for over 8 months (ridiculous) and are having health issues because of it.  

Hope we see all of you on Monday, June 24th at Sandy Point Park (1-5pm) for the 2nd annual Fastest Servers on the Bay Relay being organized by the Point CrabHouse and Grill. Great food, live music, beer, crush bar, silent auction table, raffle and so much fun watching local area restaurants compete for the Fastest Servers on the Bay Relay! It will be such a fun afternoon! So grateful to the Point Crab House for all of their support! If you are interested in donating an item or gift card for our silent auction/raffle, help out in volunteering during the fun event or know of a business owner who might be interested in donating some money towards our event, please contact Kelly Price at

If you would like to make a donation to AIJN, you can mail a check to AIJN:

8 Carvel Circle

Edgewater, MD 21037

Suzanne Martin


Annapolis Immigration Justice Network



Dear Friends:

the first thing I want to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help during my 5 year stint as your Missions chair. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work from all of us as we got together to try and make our world a little better. You have been so responsive every time I asked for help and also by helping me make my proposals become actions. It has been a true joy to have your company along the way, getting to know you all much better and being able to accomplish so much! I will not leave Missions, still work with Missions, just not be chair :-)


Annapolis Immigration Justice Network (AIJN) Fundraiser

On Sunday February, 17 from 6:00 pm to 9 pm, AIJN, One of our Missions, is holding a popular Fundraiser at Metropolitan Kitchen Restaurant on 175 West Street / 2nd floor.

“Crossing Borders” There will be Music, Stories of refugees actually going through the ordeal of Crossing the Border this past year; heavy Hors d’oeuvres and a Silent Auction. Cash Bar is available to buy drinks.

We had a very nice get-together last year (it is limited to invited guests for security reasons) . Please consider coming and helping this very needed Mission for our undocumented neighbors.

‘CROSSING THE BORDER’ Tickets are going fast, but because we are one of their sponsors there are some available to our church members. Please email hcardaci@gmail and I will send you the evite to get your tickets! Tickets are $30.00 /person.

You can still donate items for the Silent Auction by emailing Stephanie Anderson at


Anne Arundel Connecting Together (ACT)

The Affordable Housing Group of ACT

On Thursday, February 21 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, we will hold another training session at St. Phillips Episcopal church on 170 Bestgate Rd, to help us prepare for Door Knocking to meet some of the neighbors in our area subsidized housing areas; we will try to find out from them what they think the worst problems are and how we might help them address these problems with the owners/landlords. This will be a county wide effort on March 30 from 9:00 am to 1:30pm. More info on this will follow.

I attended the last session and found it very, very good and useful. We should support this effort! Please come if you can, especially our core teams should be there ! ! It was a great eye-opener for me to hear from some of the representatives of the se housing areas about the problems they run into - Wow!

Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair



  1. We support AIJN (Annapolis Immigration Justice Network) both financially as board & members

    Letter from Suzanne Martin, Pres of AIJN

I wanted to share a heartwarming story that happened this week. We had a family of 4 that reached out to us for a legal consultation. The father, "Jose", was worried because his 9 year old girl has an immigration hearing in front of a federal judge next month. We did an intake on the phone and immediately set up a legal consult in Baltimore with one of the trusted immigration attorneys that we know well. During the legal consult, "Jose" explained how he and his partner were running a ministry at a church in Central America working with children. After a new drug lord took control of the community where they lived, the situation became extremely dangerous when the drug lord began to target the couple and persuaded the children in the church to help him with his drug activities. One day, "Jose" went to his friends house. The drug lord showed up outside the house and shot EVERYBODY standing outside- several people were killed. As the drug lord left, he yelled out to "Jose" and others that if they didn't join him soon, they would be killed too. "Jose" realized he was going to be murdered soon - the drug cartel was following him to the grocery store and other places and taking pictures. He was terrified. The police were corrupt so he couldn't go to them for help. His only option was to flee. He fled to the border with his daughter a year ago and eventually they were released and traveled to Maryland. Jose's partner and other daughter fled a few months ago. His partner told us how she and her daughter were separated at the border and put into the icebox. She told us how they were forced to stand for many, many hours in freezing temperatures. At one point, her daughter was taken away and separated. For 2 months, she was separated from her daughter at the border. All 4 family members were eventually reunited. As "Jose" told us his story, he looked up at the ceiling with tears in his eyes talking about the ordeal that they have endured. Needless to say the tissues came out and he explained how he went to another immigration attorney a few months ago but was told that he and his family had no hope of ever getting any kind of relief here in the United States. When he said this, the immigration attorney put her head down in her hands and paused to compose herself... she looked up at him and told him that he was given very bad advice and that he actually has an extremely strong case for asylum and should definitely pursue it. We then discussed the next steps. Through our legal fund, this lovely family is realizing that they have a very good chance of starting a new life in the United States. This could take years to finish but once they file for asylum, the couple will each be eligible to receive legal work authorization permits to work here after 180 days. As we walked away, the couple was so happy that they reached out and gave the lawyer a hug. When we later told "Jose" that our legal fund committee agreed to send $ 3,000 to the lawyer so she can be retained for the family, he wrote "what happiness, we are very happy with this news, thank you very much, God continue to bless you!!". Our legal fund is helping our neighbors in the fight for due process but it takes a village to make this all work --- money and a great bunch of people in this group who give their hearts to these efforts in so many ways!!


2. Rebecca Lichtenstein and Hildy Cardaci attended the training session for ACT’s division of “Affordable and Safe Housing in Annapolis”. We had great presenters and many participants who actually live or have lived in areas of subsidized and public housing developments. They gave information of some of the problems of neglect and regulations that hinder residents to live healthy and decent lives, and from coming together to approach the owners for fear of being evicted.

We also practiced how to do “door knocking” - which we will practice some more during the next get together on Feb. 21 and then go out in pairs to do the actual work on March 30th.

Please consider coming out to these events! I can put you on the email list or give you the contact person information. Thanks for your help!!


Hildy Cardaci is termed out of Missions after 5 years, and we need a new chair person or persons!! Please consider if you and maybe a friend can take this on together!!

Please contact Hildy at or 443-603-8787

There are many talented people in our congregation. Please step up or recommend someone for me to contact!!


  • REMINDER - The ACT Group for Affordable Housing - see the announcement at the top of Newsletter

  • Thanks to ALL of our Church members who stepped up for the Homeless Week Participation last Saturday at St. Phillips Episcopal Church last week!! Thank you to all who cooked, brought Lasagna, Bread, Salads, Drinks and Deserts! For all who came to prepare, Serve and Clean up after the meals.

    Most of all THANK YOU to all who took time and sat down with someone or stood and chatted with someone just to say hello, to ask how they were and spent time just being with the people who were there because they are homeless…

    I took some deserts to the women who were housed in a separate area. The light had been turned off. I asked if I could turn it on and they said ok. I then talked to one of the women: I asked her what brought her here, so she said: “Well, because I’m Homeless” (duh Hildy…) Then she told me she had lived in an abusive home and fled that situation. That she had lived in her own apartment for 2 years, but had lost her job and that had caused her to end up living on the streets. too many of our neighbors can run into this type of situation I thought, and here but for the grace of God go I…

    The homeless folks asked me to tell you that they were really excited about the Lasagna (had not had any for that week) and the Lemon squares! They said to tell you: THANK YOU.



Homeless Week at St. Phillips! Saturday January 5th

Hi all:

I know everyone is very busy right about now…but I need your help in covering some shifts and bringing food

On Saturday, January 5th  (our only date to cover) we are scheduled to help making

Lunch - 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM                                                                                                - we need to help put together whatever leftovers are there, heat and serve them for Lunch. Lunch served about noon, then clean up.

For Dinner - 7:15 PM to 10:30 PM  -  (for 25 People)

2 large Meat Lasagnas  &  1 large Vegetable Lasagna; (possibly one gluten free item if needed);                        Mixed Salad,                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bread or Rolls,                                                                                                                                                                              Desert (Suggestions?)

Please contact Hildy Cardaci at 443-603-8787 ASAP to volunteer food and/or shifts.  THANK YOU !!

Anyone who would like to cover other still open shifts can go to the link


Annapolis Immigration Justice Network (AIJN)

Several of our members went to a Wonderful Event that was held to thank all the folks who have contributed to our success in the past year. We met several of the lawyers who have helped our clients, either pro bono or at very low cost, who desperately need competent support from reliable and well-trained Immigration Lawyers, who will not cheat them out of their hard-earned money.                                                                               We met others, from close-by AA County and from other Metro DC areas, who do similar work. There even were folks from our County and State government, who are supportive of our work.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable event where we could put faces to the people’s names we have heard over the past 2 years!

It was amazing to me, how easily everyone talked to each other – total strangers – because we all are on the same page of doing something to help our undocumented neighbors!

We have raised quite a bit of money in 2018, but we need as much as possible because the need is so great.

Therefore we will have another Fundraiser on Feb. 15, 2019 - again at the Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge on West Street. (starts at 6:00 PM – mark your calendar!)  We raised a lot at last year’s Silent Auction, so we will repeat this. If you have any item(s) that could be auctioned, or a service or event, boat rides vacation rentals etc., that can be auctioned, please contact Hildy. Almost anything will be appreciated!

 And thank you all for your help and continued support of AIJN.


Please Remember to think about participating in OPEN TABLE Next year!!

Winter Relief = AIJN Work = Open Table, our NEW Effort for Helping =

Winter Relief  / Homeless Week - January 2-7, 2019

Below is the Sign-up Genius Link - please sign up to participate! This is a really worthwhile effort, because you will get as much out of it as the people that have to use this venue! I have done shifts and brought food and spent time eating and chatting with the folks at the Winter Relief days, and I can tell you that you will learn A LOT!! Who the people are - amazingly not who you expect… and how they try to make a life despite what they are dealing with - sickness, debts and homelessness without help from family or friends. Many of them have jobs! but make so little they are just one paycheck away from disaster, like a broken car, an overdue bill, medicine costs, a sick child, you name it.

Sign-Up Genius below


Thank you for stepping up and helping - you will not regret it!

Any questions, please call Hildy 443-603-8787


Annapolis Immigration Justice Network

The group has been growing an doing incredible work! We are now in the process to make the Network its own 501c3 Tax favored group. This will allow people to give tax-deductible contributions directly to AIJN (not having to go through our UCC  books)

Suzanne, the AIJN President has been very busy getting help for legal support to many folks who desperately need it.  This is the work so far this year: 65 Intake interviews, 43 paid Legal Consultations, ( last year 10 intakes, 2 legal consults) Provided numerous accompaniments for ICE check-ins, Federal Immigration Court hearings, and we have helped 14 individuals obtain high quality Legal Assistance. Our fund currently pays up to $2,000. per case in a calendar year.

We vet the people who call for assistance to make sure they would have any chance of success, and that they are legit. We also vet the lawyers, because there has been rampant abuse by lawyers cheating people with no English or US knowledge of the system, out of literally thousands of dollars. Suzanne has found a group in DC who have been our resource for getting reliable and experienced Immigration lawyers.

Open Table for next year

Now that we have been able over the past 2 years, to help the Abed Family establish themselves here in our country, we will use the same “personal involvement model” for this new endeavor OPEN TABLE.

WE will receive a person or family who has gone successfully through the Lighthouse Program for homeless people,  and who are looking to make the next step back into regular society. We will need about 8 to 10 of you to step forward for occasional help with many different aspects of helping them to reintegrate into their  new life.  Help with handling finances, housing and job searches, childcare needs, etc. We will receive training for this program from the Lighthouse so we will know what to expect and how to do this.

We will help people help themselves! We will not do it for them, but we will help them figure out how to do things for themselves and we will walk with them as they try to do these things.

Just as we did with the Abed family. I think we will enjoy getting to know and help someone in our community as much as we have enjoyed doing this for Yasir and his family.!

PLEASE THINK ABOUT HOW YOU CAN HELP WITH THIS PROGRAM!!                                                At least take the classes we will attend to see if you can help!

Winter Relief for Homeless Jan. 2-7, 2019


Hello all:

Just received the sign-up genius for Homeless week at St. Phillips! Please see if you can sign up for any of the days or night that are open. We will not take specific days this year but sign up as you feel you have time.

If you sign up for any food you will receive a call a week before to let you know how to bring and the count. You might want to see if you want to pair up with anyone for both the shifts or the food.

Any questions, please call Hildy at 443-603-8787

Here is the link for St Phillips sign up genius sign up genius:


Our Annapolis Immigration Justice Network (AIJN) may be used as a National Model!! Suzanne was at a big meeting in DC about Immigration with Former Deputy director of HDHS, Former director of Refugee Resettlement etc . After there was a presentation here they were sadly acknowledging the fact that they didn’t know how to get what’s needed most, namely legal assistance. Suzanne got up and told them that we were doing this and how. They came up to her after and talked with her and the upshot was that they told her they want to fid out more and see if our model could be used nationally! Wow! that is amazing, however they won’t have Suzanne who is the driving fore for AIJN!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

See you Sunday!



The AIJN has become a victim of it’s success !! This is wonderful news because we are now helping a lot more of our undocumented neighbors who have become aware of our work and are almost flooding us with help requests.

Part time Person                                                                                                                                                    We are considering hiring a Part time Person to help with Intake Interviews, lining up help and assistance for clients, as well as organizing accompaniment for ICE required visits. Ideally this person know a little Spanish (if possible, but no strictly required), have a background in some legal and/or social work. A must is a passion for helping! And this often requires late afternoon, evening and week end time – ideal for a stay at home mother whose husband can take over at those times, or a retired person…. You get what I’m saying.

We will get a more detailed job description and pay offered soon, but already we are open to people interested in this venture.

Grant Proposals:                                                                                                                                                     we are I great need of someone who has experience or expertise in doing Grant Proposals.

I you or someone you know is interested, Please contact :                                                                              Hildy Cardaci at or 443-603-8787



Open Table Presentation

This Sunday Kris from the Light House of Annapolis will come to our Service (and during coffee hour afterwards) to give a short explanation of what OPEN TABLE involves.

As we mentioned before it would be a long term project for our congregation to become a part of someone's life in a relationship of friendship and support. It involves a group of 8 or so folks who will help a person or family navigate "the system" to find employment, do paperwork, get driver's license, find affordable housing, learn financial planning etc. These things are what we do in our own lives, but to some people they are not known or easy to accomplish alone. There is training for how we would do this.

The people have come through the Lighthouse program for Homeless care and are ready to go out into the world again. We would be reaching out to them with a helping hand for one year, together, individually (with our expertise in a particular area etc) and periodically as a group.

Please come and hear about this project to see if we as  a congregation can and want to do such work.

Winter Relief at St. Phillip's - Jan 2-7, 2019

We have been invited to again participate in the Winter Emergency Shelter Program. Please think about whether we should agree to do this again.

The past several years we seemed to do a wonderful job with this and many people really enjoyed helping and getting to know our more unfortunate neighbors. It has been gratifying to all who participated before, but we need to be sure we want to do this again! I will ask for Friday dinner, Saturday all meals and Sunday Breakfast and lunch - plus all shifts for these times (day and night) - same as last year. Please let Hildy Cardaci know if you are interested and want to help!



We learned last week that Yasir has been able to buy a car. As you know the first attempt was more or less a disaster and the company he bought it from took back the car and refunded all his money... not a nice story...

But then he has been looking every day, and when he went to the dealer to look at a used car, he was able to arrange a loan  and buy small a new car. He is so happy. This will be great for them, because they will have a reliable car and transportation now.

Our church family was very generous to give him $5,500 towards buying a car, and he used his tax refund and a friend's help to be able to have a good down payment. He asked me to tell everyone THANK YOU for your help - he sends his love!!


Four people from our Missions Committee attended the Research Workshop 2 weeks ago to learn what we should be working on in our different working groups. The Immigration Research group met with 8 people from the Immigrant/Refugee community at our UCC church on Wednesday, and we had a get acquainted session where we tried to build up trust and relationships. After sharing a meal and sharing our personal stories and telling each other why we were there and what we hoped to accomplish (us with the IAF groups) we got to talk rather openly about concerns, fears and worries for their families, friends and children and themselves. We discussed possible solutions and things that could be done to help the sometimes very serious situations. 

The visitors were really impressed by what we told them might be possible for improving their conditions if they were willing to step up and help us do it. We explained the golden Rule of IAF: "we will not do for others what they can do themselves". They understood and promised to bring more people to our next get together on August 22. They also told us they would speak to their pastors and see if they could get their church to explore IAF.

Basically an all around success with at least 2 people possibly leaders to work with us.


The Lighthouse will send their representative to speak to us during and after our Service on August 19th.

Please try to attend to find out about this program, which we believe might be something worthwhile for our Missions efforts!  





Our church community is exploring the possibility of working with the Light House Shelter to “build Relationships that Transform Communities”.

The idea is to “adopt” a person or family who has graduated from the Lighthouse program and is ready to re-enter the community, but needs help finding their way through bureaucracy, and other hurdles. We would have a group of 6-8 people form a “family” to help with finance, apartment locating, job search, insurance healthcare etc. Not to do it for them but help them ‘do it for themselves’ with our coaching and support. By having different people helping with various areas, it will divide up the work, and with regular get-togethers of the group and  person(s) to trust and community it will provide them something homeless person may never have experienced.

A BIG ORDER – but we could really make a difference! It is a proven National Model and we would receive training before we start.

Please open the link below for more information on the model and the ideas

Monica and Hildy have gone to a presentation for more information.

We will have a presentation at our Sunday Service on August 19 and questions afterwards at the coffee hour. We are hoping you will come and find out about this – we have so many people with talents that are required! Please don’t be shy! This is a great opportunity to do God’s Work right here at home! Please email Hildy if you are interested in participating at



Thank you to so many of you who provided delicious dishes for our lunch with Yasir and Noor and their children. ALL of US enjoyed being with each other and seeing how much the Yasir family has grown over the past 2 years in adjusting to the ‘way of life in our country’. Noor is now driving and has a job! They told us they miss their friends and family especially, but they feel happy and safe here. They also expressed their gratitude for all our little church has done for their family and how we helped in this success. Lee Dotson has become the official American grandmother to their family even! We have reason to feel proud of our willingness to step up and help this one immigrant family feel very welcome here! That is what is great about America: generosity of spirit and action!  I personally am humbled by what you have given and helped to do!



Last week end we were invited by Kathy McFadden to join here at her community beach to enjoy a relaxing and fun Picnic. The adults and kids, including the Yasir family had a wonderful time in the sun and breezes off the bay! Thank you Kathy and all who helped set up, cook, play games with the kids and clean up.

Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair

GREAT NEWS - raised almost $11,000 for AIJN Legal Fund !!

 Annapolis Immigration Justice Network

The Sandy Point Park Restaurant held a Fundraiser yesterday. It was called "Fastest Server on the Bay", and involved teams of six Servers from several Area Restaurants who had to carry a Tray of Soda, Glass of water and other containers over an obstacle course that ended at a bowie marker in the water without spilling or dropping it while being timed!

It was a riot, and a totally laid back race - loads of fun to watch, great food beer and other drinks... There was an auction and a silent auction.

AIJN received almost $11,000 for this event - all of it going to the Legal Fund!

If you want to support the restaurants who each contributed $250.00 to the cause =here they are.

Deep Creek Restaurant, Arnold MD

Federal House, downtown Annapolis

Ketch 22, North Beach

Lures Bar and Grill, Crownsville

Main and Market, Forest Drive, Annapolis

Mother's Peninsula Grill, Severna Park

O'Loughlin's Restaurant and Pub, Arnold

The Point Crab House and Grill, Arnold (event organizer)






Please come to the ANNAPOLIS IMMIGRATION JUSTICE NETWORK FUNDRAISER - Monday June 25 from 1-5pm at the Sandy Point State Park Flounder Pavilion - There will be obstacle races by teams of waiters from 20 restaurants to see who makes it without spilling water from the glasses on their trays, 6 Local Bands, beer, food & drinks. And of course there is the beach to hang out at….


“OPEN TABLE” – A New Light House Initiative

This new program offers us a chance to ‘Walk alongside one person or family for a year’ to help them manage their (re)entry independent living. It requires 5-8 participants each of whom would be helping in various areas (finance/budgeting, job search and interview skills, spiritual life, healthcare, housing, insurance, transportation etc. Dividing up these areas will mean not one or two people will do the work, but work will be shared by many. Over-arching this program is the idea of building trust and relationships with the person or family by sometimes getting together and sharing time and meals etc. A lot like what we have been doing with Yasir and Noor’s family. A personal walking with someone who often has had very little of this in their life.  The people will be vetted and have been through a year’s worth of rehab and training in the Lighthouse program. Our partners will have back ground checks and up-front and continuous Training and guidance from the National Open Table Organization. Please contact Hildy Cardaci or Monica Rausa Williams to discuss if this might be a program you want to help with! I think this could be just OUR TYPE of program!


One month away!


What We Heard


What We Will Do About It

THURSDAY, JULY 12, 7-8:30pm

Asbury United Methodist Church

87 West St.

Annapolis, MD 21401


in Whitmore Garage from 6:15pm until 9:15pm

Parking Validation provided at the Action


Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early.


This Saturday June 23rd at 10am, in Washington, DC, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis  (Co-Chairs of the Poor People's Campaign: A National for Moral Revival) will be joined by America's poor and impacted for

a massive call to stand against systemic racism, systemic poverty ecological devastation, the war economy/militarism, and the distorted moral agenda of religious nationalism.



Below is a request from the pastor in charge of the "Community Farming Ministry" - Hopefully someone would like to help with this?  Maybe our newly freed from school young people?? You could make it a fun group outing?

Please email Hildy at I'll get you the directions. ==========================================================

Pastor Migde has asked for volunteer assistance at the community garden.                 Please disseminate as you find appropriate among your congregants.

Every Saturday, weather permitting, volunteers are needed and welcome at the farm. Volunteer activities include weeding, staking plants, spreading topsoil,  mulch, wood chips, etc., cutting bamboo,  general ground maintenance as well as participating in laying irrigation systems, assembling shelving or hanging system for the shed, and other special projects.  Volunteers can come anytime between 10:00 and 3:00 and volunteer a long as they want. I suggest they wear shoes appropriate for muddy conditions and bring their own work gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent, water and snacks.  Anyone wishing to bring personal hand tools for weeding should label them with their name. Parking is limited so carpooling is recommended.

I will be using SignUp Genius to schedule volunteers and will get that link to you as soon as I have it set up, For this coming Saturday, I ask that you just get the request for volunteers out and ask that they respond to me if they plan to show up at the farm and to get the address/directions if they are needed.

Thanks for your assistance in getting the word out!  More info to come soon!                                                                                                                                       =================================================================

Dear Friends:

Your support of our MISSIONS have accomplished so much this year! Here are some of our major Help Projects this year:

Yasir Abed with his new (used) car. The smile says it all! ($5,000)

The Shed and Shade tarp ($2,300) we funded for Pastor Migde’s Project: He received permission to use some farmland to plant and grow food for their families and for Sale at the various Farmers Markets. YOUR generosity provided the money for the shed as well as a Tent Tarp for shade for the families to have a service and talk. There are 10 plots planted by 10 families and groups. I understand that the various countries represented grow in different styles and different types of food.  

Thank You – Thank You – Thank You !!                                                            



June25-1:00-5:00pm                                                                                                                                      ANNAPOLIS IMMIGRATION JUSTICE NETWORK                            Fundraiser at the Sandy Point Beach Park- 20 plus restaurants                will have their waiters compete in a race not to spill their water!               Games, Food, Drinks &  Beach fun! Bring the kids and enjoy.                     All proceeds donated to AIJN !!

July 8 - after church service  Yasir Family Lunch "Bring Your Favorite Summer Dish" -contact Lee Dotson at 410-267-0717 or Hildy Cardaci at or 443-603-8787

July 16 -  "Picnic at the Beach for Children from Refugee Families" - please contact Kathy McFaddden at  or 410-330-8432



Fundraiser and Family Reports


ANNAPOLIS IMMIGRATION NETWORK IS ORGANIZING A SILENT AUCTION TABLE - PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DONATE (GIFT BASKET, TICKETS TO AN EVENT, AN ART PIECE, GIFT CERTIFICATE, ETC.). This is going to be a HUGE event with up to 20 area restaurants participating. Huge thanks to the "Point Restaurant" - specifically the owners and the manager, Kristen, for organizing this huge event for us!!! 

Please plan ahead for this Party at Sandy State Park - should be a lot of fun for Grown-Ups and kids (beach to play at) with lots of food, brewery samples and 6 bands! Of course the "Waiter Races" should be really fun to watch and we look forward to cheering the winners who will get some very generous prizes (and AJIN will get $1,000 of that!)  The Entry Fee of $250 for each restaurant (approximately 20 restaurants will participate) and all proceeds from food will be donated to the AIJN - this is going to be huge!!!  So please plan on coming and eat a lot of food! Thank You!

ABED FAMILY  -   Yasir just bought their NEW CAR!! Thanks to YOUR generosity and his tax return funds he was able to buy a used NISSAN that only has about 100K miles on it. Jim Nowe who delivered our check  ($5,100) to the car dealership said that Yasir was as happy as can be. It amazes me that they were able to save money and their tax refund to contribute 1/3 of the price when he makes so little money! They are so committed to make their lives here work and they are so grateful for your generosity!! Thank You!

We are planning on a "BRING YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER DISH LUNCH" for them to come and visit us again. It is planned for SUNDAY, JULY 8 - after church! We hope that many of you will be able to attend even if you can't bring a dish - Yasir and Noor and the children want to come and thank you in person and let you know how well they are doing this second year of their life in the USA :-)

GUILLERMO'S FAMILY - we distributed a lot of baby clothes and furniture to his two daughters: one has a 1 year old, the other is about to have her first baby. He is working and has settled back into his life in Annapolis.

FARM in Severna Park area: we contributed $2,300 towards putting a Amish-built Tool Shed at the farm area for people who are refugees here in Annapolis area and need help with food. They will be growing their own food and hopefully be able to sell any overage for some income. Approximately 10 families participate in this Program

Hildy, Cindy Nowe and Monica participated in a forum at the Annapolis Lighthouse to see if we can participate in a new program they are starting, called "OPEN TABLE" . We are evaluating the program to decide if this is something we could participate in. Info will follow after we look into it some more...

Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair


LOTS OF EVENTS !! Please read...

From Suzanne Martin, President of AIJN

Hi Everyone,

This is a busy month so please read:

1. NEXT THURSDAY, JUNE 7th - 6:30pm-8pm - General meeting at Calvary Methodist Church - 301 Rowe Blvd

Guest Speaker - CHARLIE MARTEL

Charlie is a human rights lawyer with Advocates Abroad, a legal aid organization that assists refugees from the Middle East and Africa seeking asylum in Europe. He just recently worked with refugees on the Greek Island of Samos in late 2017 and has also supported refugees with remote research. Charlie has also worked as investigative counsel with the U.S. Senate and taught national security law. Charlie has recently joined our group and has offered to help us out in our legal assistance fund which I am very thrilled!!  

2. SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND -  "VOLUNTEER DAY" at the gardens on the farm! ALL are welcome! The work is not in the family plots, but more about cleaning up, setting up and improving the appearance of the entryway and open areas. Pastor Migde could use six or seven folks for 2 to 3 hours each. If you are able to volunteer this Saturday for a short time, please contact Stephanie Anderson at This is an amazing program where immigrant families can come together to grow plots of fruit and vegetables. Through the generous help of the UU Church and the UCC Church of Annapolis as well as private citizens like Tracey B., a beautiful new shed and many tools have recently been donated. 

3. SUNDAY, JUNE 3RD -  "Dedication of the Garden" Pastor Migde has invited all of us to a ceremony/service next Sunday at 5:00 to dedicate the garden and would love to have some people from the churches attend. 

4. SUNDAY, JUNE 10TH - Immigration Forum - I will be part of a panel discussion at Arc and Dove Church in Odenton, MD about the current immigration crisis and how it is affecting our communities. Lunch - 1-2pm. Panel Discussion- 2-4pm. See attached. All are welcome - please RSVP if you can make it!  (EVENT FLYER below)

5. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13TH - St. Philip's Episcopol Church - "Now that You're Here"- 730 Bestgate Road- 6-8pm. How to assimilate non-English speaking newcomers into Anne Arundel County including how to help them navigate our language and cultural barriers. Panel Discussion with Marc Rodriguez (City Aldmerman), Maria Casasco (Office of the County Executive), Gaston Gamez (AACPS) and Waleska Casiano (local immigration attorney). Register here:

6. MONDAY, JUNE 25TH - OUR BIG FUNDRAISER AT SANDY POINT PARK. 1-5PM!!!! OUR GROUP IS ORGANIZING A SILENT AUCTION TABLE - PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DONATE (GIFT BASKET, TICKETS TO AN EVENT, AN ART PIECE, GIFT CERTIFICATE, ETC.). This is going to be a HUGE event with up to 30 area restaurants participating. Huge thanks to the Point Restaurant - specifically the owners and the manager, Kristen, for organizing this huge event for us!!! 


Yasir Abed is working with Mr Shankshaft from First Presbyterian Church to find and buy a new (used) car. Lee Dotson and the Missions Committee are planning a Special meal with the Abed Family where the family can get together with all of us as we did last year. They are very excited to come! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair

Shed is purchased and ready for duty.

 We did it!! We collected enough to purchase the shed for the Latino Church who are growing food for themselves and possibly sell any overage for income! Hopefully I will have some pictures to share next week, since the shed will be delivered to the farm later this afternoon, past the deadline for the Missions Blog.

Suzanne and Kelly from AIJN are now vetting a family whom we can ‘adopt‘ to help. Next AIJN Meeting is May 10 at 6:30 pm at Calvary Methodist church on 301 Rowe Blvd. Please come and see what they re up to… it’s amazing!

I am planning on a Missions Committee Meeting on Sunday, May 13 after Service. Please let me know if you are interested to join our committee. No requirements for participation… just a willingness to participate with ideas and action when required.

Lee Dotson is planning an International Dinner for our church and our Iraqi Family later this month. Please contact her to offer help with fixing different National foods! 410-353-5923

Remember we will be doing another Beach Picnic for immigrant children later in the summer. Please contact Kathy McFadden with ideas and help at 410-330-8432

Thanks again for all you are doing for the Missions committee! I have definitely enjoyed getting you all to participate. You have stepped up again and again – wow and AWSOME!

Any questions, suggestions?

Please call Hildy at 443-603-8787

Hildy Cardaci, Missions chair



Our people are AWSOME!!

As you might remember, this past Sunday Pastor Ryan and the Missions Committee asked for help to provide money for a Latino Pastor and his people to fund a shed for their tools and a tent for meetings and for selling the produce they are growing. A wonderful person has allowed this group to use some of their farmland to grow produce for healthy food for the group and the possibility to earn some money by selling their vegetables at the farm and the Farmers Markets.

When we counted the money at the end of our service, you had contributed about $900 to add to our previous amount of $1,220 which brought us very close to our goal of the full need of $2,500. And then, by Wednesday, with additional online contributions, we had reached $2,500!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

We will go out with them sometime this week to purchase the materials for the shed and order a tent. This will be such a wonderful gift for our Latino friends, because it will give them the possibility of working and getting something in return that they earned or made happen themselves.

I am also working on getting us a family again from the AIJN that we can help as a one-on-one type situation. This time it may be not babies but kids about 10-12 years old.

We are also planning to have some summer help for some of our families’ children who are left at home when parents are working. The plan is to pay for Annapolis City sponsored summer camp. Apparently it’s really inexpensive and is for the whole summer.  We may need help with logistics on this program, but I think this will be a wonderful way to help! I also delivered some diapers and baby food from our church to Kelly who is collecting and dispensing them from her home. Thank you all so much for what you have been doing to help our friends.

Anyone interested to join us at AIJN ? Our next group meeting is Thursday, May 10th, at 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Calvary Methodist Church on 301 Rowe Blvd.

Questions, Suggestions? Please call me at 443-603-8787

Missions Chair Hildy Cardaci

Rolling Along......

Thank you to all who contributed to one of UCC’s  5for5 Missions. “One Great Hour of Sharing” helps victims of disasters and war in the USA and around the world with much needed first response and aid. Anyone who was not there and still wants to contribute, please go to the ‘Contribution Button’ at the bottom and indicate that this is for One Great Hour of Sharing. And thank you!

The Yasir Abed family has now received a Green Card for each member of their family!! Great news and we welcome them as fully approved residents in our country! Please know, that our little church has been very instrumental in this happening, and Yasir and Noor are so very thankful to all who have made this possible for them.

Don’t forget Saturday we will assemble at Lawyers Mall for to support student who want our country to enact better gun safety regulations. See you there at 10:45 am!!

Hildy Cardaci

Missions Chair

Report from Anapolis Immigrant Action Night / IAF Night / Yasir Dinner

(Letter by Permission from Suzanne Martin, President of Annapolis Immigration Justice Network)

I have to tell everyone about an emotional night I had at the Immigrant Action Night 2018 in downtown Annapolis last night. When I arrived, there were hundreds of Hispanic and immigrant families - I met up with Barbara Thomas from the Quakers and we moved into the MD State House. We went into a room for just the "Annapolis" contingency. CASA de Maryland organized the entire night and they did a great job. There were probably 30 Hispanic people and then Barbara and me in the room. What touched and inspired me SO much was when I started witnessing Hispanic men break down crying describing how scared they are that they will be ripped apart from their families. Their stories crushed me --- Barbara and I stood up and told them about our group. I saw one man begin to cry as I talked and he realized that a group of us in Annapolis cared about their situation. At the end, several of us exchanged our contact information. I was moved to tears by listening to them. I was happy to see Speaker of the House, Mike Busch, walk into the room and tell us all that he is behind the Hispanic families in Annapolis and that he understands that they are working very hard. He seemed adamant that he will pass the Maryland Dream Act (which strengthens the current Dream Act). We have about 8 area families we are now helping - but we need more active volunteers!  

Best regards,  Suzanne



We need your support !! Please come to our  LISTENING CAMPAIGN  on                                                                          TUESDAY, MARCH 6,  from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at                                                                                                                  TEMPLE BETH SHALOM ,  1461 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. Arnold, MD 21012 (right off Rte 2 / Balt. Annap. Blvd)

We will meet in larger groups this time (nor on-on-ones) to exchange ideas and concerns, so we can find out what we might put on the Agenda for our FIRST ACTION on OCTOBER 4TH.  Please come and bring your ideas, concerns and suggestion, so we can discuss them with people whom we may not know or would never meet in our ordinary circles.  I am very excited to hear what the residents of our County want to present and work on!! SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY !!

Yasir Family

The Missions Committee is working on planning an International Dinner for us to enjoy. And We will ask Noor to do a lot of her type of cooking, but others will be able to bring dishes from countries they have been or come from!                                                                                                           If you are interested in participating, please contact Lee Dotson at 410-353-5923 or at