Missions Report for Council Meeting

1.  The Yasir Family: 

      Yasir has accepted a job with the Coca Cola Company on Riva Rd, Annapolis as a forklift driver. This is a full time job that will allow them to have reasonable income. ($15.00/hr) with health insurance. 

Their car insurance will need to be renewed, and we have the funds to do this again. The car also needs extensive repairs again and the Goodyear/Bay Area garage on Defense Highway did the needed repairs immediately for safety reasons for $847.00 which we were able to pay. It seems that maybe he should begin saving for a car down payment for a newer car. It still needs new shock absorbers because the tires are wearing very unevenly because the absorbers are shot. This will be another $1,500. If we have any money left when that time comes, we could maybe add some to help out.

2. Participation in the Sanctuary Movement of Annapolis

     Hildy, the Missions committee, several other members of our church and other groups have been attending meetings with the Annapolis Sanctuary Movement to become familiar with the movement and the possible actions we, as a church community, would be able to undertake.

The Missions Committee held a meeting on May 31, 2017 atthe Hanauer's house to discuss the idea of making participation in the Sanctuary Movement our "Main Mission" this coming year. The group voted to pursue this and we discussed various ways of participation and the need to check into the legality of these actions, so that we, personally and as a church, would not have any serious adverse legal experiences.

I will have another meeting to go over the various items so we can begin to act on and at least research actions, to be ready in the fall with some actual help going toward our undocumented neighbors in need.

Missions Report for Council Meeting

1. Abed Family Refugee Support Fund:

Thank you all who have given to this Mission! You have been so generous!

We are now closing this fundraising for this mission because the family seems to be on its way to self-sufficiency. Any additional funds will be held in reserve and/or applied to other refugee support ministries in the area. Yassir is receiving a living wage as a forklift driver at the Coca-Cola plant in Annapolis. We have funds left in case of an emergency. We will pay their car insurance bill in July of about $1,020, which they of course have not been able to save for until now. 

2.  Driving Lessons for Noor:

Noor is still in urgent need of help with driving lessons. Yassir cannot give them to her because he does not have the required 3 years on his own US drivers license! If any of you want to help in this, please call Hildy Cardaci at (443) 603-8787!

3.  Missions - Sanctuary Work Missions Meeting: We will be having a Missions Meeting at the Hanauer house on Wednesday, May 31, at 7:30pm, to discuss becoming involved in the sanctuary network in Annapolis - one of the great needs in Annapolis and AA County at this time.  If you have any interest in this, please consider coming!

Please email Hildy Cardaci at hcardaci@gmail.com or call (443) 603-8787 with any other questions!

Abed family is financially secure! Now focusing on Sanctuary

Thanks to everyone who so generously contributed to the family of Yassir and Noor Abed! We have helped this family get established in U.S. You have blessed them with what you contributed in time, love, and financial help - they are so grateful. 

Thanks to all of you, especially Anne Eastman and her work in training Yassir for interviews that led to him securing a living wage job, they are now financially stable and independent and are no longer seeking financial support from us or First Presbyterian. 

The missions committee is now working on becoming involved in the sanctuary network in Annapolis and I would love it if you could help us in our work. Although we are not officially a "sanctuary" church, we are participating in a network to deliver assistance to families affecting by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) actions. Monica has written a fulsome account of what is being asked of us, which you can read here.

Much needed help of various ways will be presented and funds will be needed for these families who are our neighbors, friends - actually brothers and sisters of our Larger Family! We also welcome your feedback into what "sanctuary" means. 


Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair


Missions Report for the First Quarter of 2017 (Jan-Mar)


Helped deliver furniture to Yassir

Met with Yassir to help with Green Card Paperwork

Attended Annapolis City Hall Action to support a Bill Proposal at City Council for Non-Discrimination against Unregistered Citizens – 100 + attended


Helped to get UCC members to attended City Hall Action to support Passage of the above Bill – it passed –  200 + people attended

Helped to get UCC members to attended protest march at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis to support keeping the ACA Heath Care plan (organized by John’s Hopkins physicians)

IAF Meeting at Asbury Church

Held One-on-One meetings for IAF program


Missions Meeting to discuss short and longer term actions for 2017

Helped Yassir with Visa Papers for Green Card, & coordinated with World Relief

IAF Meeting at Untied Universalist church

IAF Meeting at Asbury Church

Attended several Preparation Meetings at First Presbyterian Church on organizing a Town Hall Meeting with MD Senators & Representative.