Winter Relief coming Jan 4,5,6 - a little help needed...

SHIFTS FOR WINTER RELIEF:                                                                                                                            still needs 2 people for a  Shift with on Saturday night 10:30 pm to 7 am shift -  How about some guys??

FOOD FOR LUNCH  NEEDED:   1 loaf of bread 3 X 1 pound packages of cheese.

Please sign up with the links provided or Call Hildy to let her know if you want to help.

Food can be brought to church on Sunday or anytime during Lisa's office hours. Or on Friday before 3pm at the church kitchen inside or at the door (if you don't know the door code). Sherrie Crumbaugh will make sandwiches with the kids sometime after 3pm. 

GUILLERMO UPDATE                                                                                                                                             He came home the day before Christmas as a wonderful Christmas present for himself and his family. Pastor Ryan and several of our own people and members of the Immigration Justice Network were at BWI to welcome him at 12:30 AM! The family asked us to tell all of you thanks you so much for all the help you gave to them to make this return possible. WE WERE SUCCESSFULL TOGETHER !! WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR PRAYERS ANSWERED AND WRONGS RIGHTED!!