Abed family is financially secure! Now focusing on Sanctuary

Thanks to everyone who so generously contributed to the family of Yassir and Noor Abed! We have helped this family get established in U.S. You have blessed them with what you contributed in time, love, and financial help - they are so grateful. 

Thanks to all of you, especially Anne Eastman and her work in training Yassir for interviews that led to him securing a living wage job, they are now financially stable and independent and are no longer seeking financial support from us or First Presbyterian. 

The missions committee is now working on becoming involved in the sanctuary network in Annapolis and I would love it if you could help us in our work. Although we are not officially a "sanctuary" church, we are participating in a network to deliver assistance to families affecting by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) actions. Monica has written a fulsome account of what is being asked of us, which you can read here.

Much needed help of various ways will be presented and funds will be needed for these families who are our neighbors, friends - actually brothers and sisters of our Larger Family! We also welcome your feedback into what "sanctuary" means. 


Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair