Missions Report for Council Meeting

1. Abed Family Refugee Support Fund:

Thank you all who have given to this Mission! You have been so generous!

We are now closing this fundraising for this mission because the family seems to be on its way to self-sufficiency. Any additional funds will be held in reserve and/or applied to other refugee support ministries in the area. Yassir is receiving a living wage as a forklift driver at the Coca-Cola plant in Annapolis. We have funds left in case of an emergency. We will pay their car insurance bill in July of about $1,020, which they of course have not been able to save for until now. 

2.  Driving Lessons for Noor:

Noor is still in urgent need of help with driving lessons. Yassir cannot give them to her because he does not have the required 3 years on his own US drivers license! If any of you want to help in this, please call Hildy Cardaci at (443) 603-8787!

3.  Missions - Sanctuary Work Missions Meeting: We will be having a Missions Meeting at the Hanauer house on Wednesday, May 31, at 7:30pm, to discuss becoming involved in the sanctuary network in Annapolis - one of the great needs in Annapolis and AA County at this time.  If you have any interest in this, please consider coming!

Please email Hildy Cardaci at hcardaci@gmail.com or call (443) 603-8787 with any other questions!