Missions Report for Council Meeting (July 22, 2017)

1.  The Yasir Family:  

     Yasir has accepted a job with the Coca Cola Company on Riva Rd, Annapolis as a forklift driver. This is a full time job that will allow them to have reasonable income. ($15.00/hr) with health insurance. 

Their car insurance will need to be renewed, and we have the funds to do this again. The car also needs extensive repairs again and the Goodyear/Bay Area garage on Defense Highway did the needed repairs immediately for safety reasons for $847.00 which we were able to pay. It seems that maybe he should begin saving for a car down payment for a newer car. It still needs new shock absorbers because the tires are wearing very unevenly because the absorbers are shot. This will be another $1,500. If we have any money left when that time comes, we could maybe add some to help out.

2. Participation in the Sanctuary Movement of Annapolis

     Hildy, the Missions committee and several other members of our church and other groups, have been attending meetings with the Annapolis Sanctuary Movement to become familiar with the movement and the possible actions we, as a church community, would be able to undertake.

The Missions Committee held a meeting on May 31, 2017 atthe Hanauer's house to discuss the idea of making participation in the Sanctuary Movement our "Main Mission" this coming year. The group voted to pursue this and we discussed various ways of participation and the need to check into the legality of these actions, so that we, personally and as a church, would not have any serious adverse legal experiences.

I will have another meeting to go over the various items so we can begin to act on and at least research actions, to be ready in the fall with some actual help going toward our neighbors in need.