Update on Guillermo Ramirez:

As of Wednesday 2 pm, we know that Guillermo had been sent to Louisiana for deportation very soon to El Salvador.

Our own Tricia Pletcher made a personal visit to Senator Cardin's DC office and was able to recruit one of his assistants to get in touch with Suzanne of the Sanctuary of Annapolis Coalition for some more action. We are hoping ... and a great big THANK YOU to Tricia!! The woman is fearless :-)

Senator van Hollen's office also is working to help. 

Thank you all for making so many calls to the Senators' offices!! You are wonderful to assist our Missions Committee try to help Giullermo's family as much as you have. When you say you are calling for Giullermo, they say "Oh, we know about him ...."

We are now hoping for some good news for the family by helping his daughter Astrid pay the tuition at AACC to become a court translator ($1,200.00), and to finance a green card application ($1,100.00). Astrid now has "Asylum Status," which makes her a legal resident.  We all think a green card would make her status more permanent and secure.

We are asking all of you to help us reach this goal by making a donation, using the contribute button on the website or your Weekly Update, or of course by check (designated: "green card for Astrid" or "college for Astrid"). 

THANK YOU!!  Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair