Update on Guillermo, July 7, 2017

I just received approval from Guillermo's daughter as well as his lawyer that the following paragraph can go public on facebook or whatever means within your church -- even nationwide if needed.  

Today has been a roller coaster ride for Guillermo's family. They received a phone call very early this morning from his cellmate who told them that Guillermo was taken away at 3am and was told that he was going to the Salvadoran Consulate. The family was left very upset and worried all day. A few minutes ago, Guillermo called and told them that he is back in Frederick and that ICE tried to get him to sign papers at the embassy to get himself deported but he flat out refused to sign them. They tried to tell him again that his lawyer has done nothing for him. They are pressuring him to get him out. He is standing strong so they were forced to return him back to Frederick. He knows what we did on Monday (the Baltimore march/rally) and is incredibly grateful to all of us and he also knows that his attorney filed for an Emergency Motion to Stay as well as the Appeal yesterday. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Suzanne Martin