Winter Relief = AIJN Work = Open Table, our NEW Effort for Helping =

Winter Relief  / Homeless Week - January 2-7, 2019

Below is the Sign-up Genius Link - please sign up to participate! This is a really worthwhile effort, because you will get as much out of it as the people that have to use this venue! I have done shifts and brought food and spent time eating and chatting with the folks at the Winter Relief days, and I can tell you that you will learn A LOT!! Who the people are - amazingly not who you expect… and how they try to make a life despite what they are dealing with - sickness, debts and homelessness without help from family or friends. Many of them have jobs! but make so little they are just one paycheck away from disaster, like a broken car, an overdue bill, medicine costs, a sick child, you name it.

Sign-Up Genius below


Thank you for stepping up and helping - you will not regret it!

Any questions, please call Hildy 443-603-8787


Annapolis Immigration Justice Network

The group has been growing an doing incredible work! We are now in the process to make the Network its own 501c3 Tax favored group. This will allow people to give tax-deductible contributions directly to AIJN (not having to go through our UCC  books)

Suzanne, the AIJN President has been very busy getting help for legal support to many folks who desperately need it.  This is the work so far this year: 65 Intake interviews, 43 paid Legal Consultations, ( last year 10 intakes, 2 legal consults) Provided numerous accompaniments for ICE check-ins, Federal Immigration Court hearings, and we have helped 14 individuals obtain high quality Legal Assistance. Our fund currently pays up to $2,000. per case in a calendar year.

We vet the people who call for assistance to make sure they would have any chance of success, and that they are legit. We also vet the lawyers, because there has been rampant abuse by lawyers cheating people with no English or US knowledge of the system, out of literally thousands of dollars. Suzanne has found a group in DC who have been our resource for getting reliable and experienced Immigration lawyers.

Open Table for next year

Now that we have been able over the past 2 years, to help the Abed Family establish themselves here in our country, we will use the same “personal involvement model” for this new endeavor OPEN TABLE.

WE will receive a person or family who has gone successfully through the Lighthouse Program for homeless people,  and who are looking to make the next step back into regular society. We will need about 8 to 10 of you to step forward for occasional help with many different aspects of helping them to reintegrate into their  new life.  Help with handling finances, housing and job searches, childcare needs, etc. We will receive training for this program from the Lighthouse so we will know what to expect and how to do this.

We will help people help themselves! We will not do it for them, but we will help them figure out how to do things for themselves and we will walk with them as they try to do these things.

Just as we did with the Abed family. I think we will enjoy getting to know and help someone in our community as much as we have enjoyed doing this for Yasir and his family.!

PLEASE THINK ABOUT HOW YOU CAN HELP WITH THIS PROGRAM!!                                                At least take the classes we will attend to see if you can help!