2018 will allow us to continue the awesome work of last year for our various Mission Projects

We will continue with UCC 5for 5, Lighthouse shelter, etc (see Annual Report) and we will apply a lot of energy and work to our Refugee Projects and IAF Work.

Yasir and Noor’s family will receive our continued help. They finally have the long awaited Green Cards and Ysir is receiving help from several of our congregation to find a better job with higher than $15./hr  pay. Please keep him  in mind if you have any ideas or her of any job opportunities for him! We are also again looking to help with getting him a newer lower mileage car. We have some seed money for this, but we hope you will find it in your heart to give some money towards this – please designate any moneys for Missions/Yasir. By the way I saw him last week and he is so very grateful for all we have done for him and his family. He can’t stop thanking us!!

Annapolis Immigration Justice Network: a lot of you came to the Fundraiser last month! It brought in a little more than $4,000 – Thank all of you who contributed and helped make it a success.

We will be doing a Skating Party on March 4th right after the service at Quiet Waters Park with our refugee families, who we got to know at the beach picnic last fall. Please come out and join the fun and make friends with our refugee families and their children.

IAF Work: We are now close to launching our group in Anne Arundel County on October 4th at 7PM – this will be a big event. We will keep you informed…

In the meantime, we are busy getting ready for this event by holding Group Listening Events. Please be on the look-out for your invitation! We will find out what is close to YOUR heart for Actions to be taken by what we believe will become a powerful voice in our County and State Issues, so we will be able to decide what our first Action in October will be!!

This is so exciting- but we will need your participation and I am so impressed with what this “little Church” has done over the past couple of years, I am sure we will be able to pull this off!

Easter Eggs are being made and we need you to sell them to all your friends and neighbors…. Raise $$ for the youth group for their Missions trip.

Thank you ALL for your help and work for Missions!

Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair