Report from Anapolis Immigrant Action Night / IAF Night / Yasir Dinner

(Letter by Permission from Suzanne Martin, President of Annapolis Immigration Justice Network)

I have to tell everyone about an emotional night I had at the Immigrant Action Night 2018 in downtown Annapolis last night. When I arrived, there were hundreds of Hispanic and immigrant families - I met up with Barbara Thomas from the Quakers and we moved into the MD State House. We went into a room for just the "Annapolis" contingency. CASA de Maryland organized the entire night and they did a great job. There were probably 30 Hispanic people and then Barbara and me in the room. What touched and inspired me SO much was when I started witnessing Hispanic men break down crying describing how scared they are that they will be ripped apart from their families. Their stories crushed me --- Barbara and I stood up and told them about our group. I saw one man begin to cry as I talked and he realized that a group of us in Annapolis cared about their situation. At the end, several of us exchanged our contact information. I was moved to tears by listening to them. I was happy to see Speaker of the House, Mike Busch, walk into the room and tell us all that he is behind the Hispanic families in Annapolis and that he understands that they are working very hard. He seemed adamant that he will pass the Maryland Dream Act (which strengthens the current Dream Act). We have about 8 area families we are now helping - but we need more active volunteers!  

Best regards,  Suzanne



We need your support !! Please come to our  LISTENING CAMPAIGN  on                                                                          TUESDAY, MARCH 6,  from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at                                                                                                                  TEMPLE BETH SHALOM ,  1461 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. Arnold, MD 21012 (right off Rte 2 / Balt. Annap. Blvd)

We will meet in larger groups this time (nor on-on-ones) to exchange ideas and concerns, so we can find out what we might put on the Agenda for our FIRST ACTION on OCTOBER 4TH.  Please come and bring your ideas, concerns and suggestion, so we can discuss them with people whom we may not know or would never meet in our ordinary circles.  I am very excited to hear what the residents of our County want to present and work on!! SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY !!

Yasir Family

The Missions Committee is working on planning an International Dinner for us to enjoy. And We will ask Noor to do a lot of her type of cooking, but others will be able to bring dishes from countries they have been or come from!                                                                                                           If you are interested in participating, please contact Lee Dotson at 410-353-5923 or at