Rolling Along......

Thank you to all who contributed to one of UCC’s  5for5 Missions. “One Great Hour of Sharing” helps victims of disasters and war in the USA and around the world with much needed first response and aid. Anyone who was not there and still wants to contribute, please go to the ‘Contribution Button’ at the bottom and indicate that this is for One Great Hour of Sharing. And thank you!

The Yasir Abed family has now received a Green Card for each member of their family!! Great news and we welcome them as fully approved residents in our country! Please know, that our little church has been very instrumental in this happening, and Yasir and Noor are so very thankful to all who have made this possible for them.

Don’t forget Saturday we will assemble at Lawyers Mall for to support student who want our country to enact better gun safety regulations. See you there at 10:45 am!!

Hildy Cardaci

Missions Chair