Shed is purchased and ready for duty.

 We did it!! We collected enough to purchase the shed for the Latino Church who are growing food for themselves and possibly sell any overage for income! Hopefully I will have some pictures to share next week, since the shed will be delivered to the farm later this afternoon, past the deadline for the Missions Blog.

Suzanne and Kelly from AIJN are now vetting a family whom we can ‘adopt‘ to help. Next AIJN Meeting is May 10 at 6:30 pm at Calvary Methodist church on 301 Rowe Blvd. Please come and see what they re up to… it’s amazing!

I am planning on a Missions Committee Meeting on Sunday, May 13 after Service. Please let me know if you are interested to join our committee. No requirements for participation… just a willingness to participate with ideas and action when required.

Lee Dotson is planning an International Dinner for our church and our Iraqi Family later this month. Please contact her to offer help with fixing different National foods! 410-353-5923

Remember we will be doing another Beach Picnic for immigrant children later in the summer. Please contact Kathy McFadden with ideas and help at 410-330-8432

Thanks again for all you are doing for the Missions committee! I have definitely enjoyed getting you all to participate. You have stepped up again and again – wow and AWSOME!

Any questions, suggestions?

Please call Hildy at 443-603-8787

Hildy Cardaci, Missions chair