Fundraiser and Family Reports


ANNAPOLIS IMMIGRATION NETWORK IS ORGANIZING A SILENT AUCTION TABLE - PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DONATE (GIFT BASKET, TICKETS TO AN EVENT, AN ART PIECE, GIFT CERTIFICATE, ETC.). This is going to be a HUGE event with up to 20 area restaurants participating. Huge thanks to the "Point Restaurant" - specifically the owners and the manager, Kristen, for organizing this huge event for us!!! 

Please plan ahead for this Party at Sandy State Park - should be a lot of fun for Grown-Ups and kids (beach to play at) with lots of food, brewery samples and 6 bands! Of course the "Waiter Races" should be really fun to watch and we look forward to cheering the winners who will get some very generous prizes (and AJIN will get $1,000 of that!)  The Entry Fee of $250 for each restaurant (approximately 20 restaurants will participate) and all proceeds from food will be donated to the AIJN - this is going to be huge!!!  So please plan on coming and eat a lot of food! Thank You!

ABED FAMILY  -   Yasir just bought their NEW CAR!! Thanks to YOUR generosity and his tax return funds he was able to buy a used NISSAN that only has about 100K miles on it. Jim Nowe who delivered our check  ($5,100) to the car dealership said that Yasir was as happy as can be. It amazes me that they were able to save money and their tax refund to contribute 1/3 of the price when he makes so little money! They are so committed to make their lives here work and they are so grateful for your generosity!! Thank You!

We are planning on a "BRING YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER DISH LUNCH" for them to come and visit us again. It is planned for SUNDAY, JULY 8 - after church! We hope that many of you will be able to attend even if you can't bring a dish - Yasir and Noor and the children want to come and thank you in person and let you know how well they are doing this second year of their life in the USA :-)

GUILLERMO'S FAMILY - we distributed a lot of baby clothes and furniture to his two daughters: one has a 1 year old, the other is about to have her first baby. He is working and has settled back into his life in Annapolis.

FARM in Severna Park area: we contributed $2,300 towards putting a Amish-built Tool Shed at the farm area for people who are refugees here in Annapolis area and need help with food. They will be growing their own food and hopefully be able to sell any overage for some income. Approximately 10 families participate in this Program

Hildy, Cindy Nowe and Monica participated in a forum at the Annapolis Lighthouse to see if we can participate in a new program they are starting, called "OPEN TABLE" . We are evaluating the program to decide if this is something we could participate in. Info will follow after we look into it some more...

Hildy Cardaci, Missions Chair