Open Table Presentation

This Sunday Kris from the Light House of Annapolis will come to our Service (and during coffee hour afterwards) to give a short explanation of what OPEN TABLE involves.

As we mentioned before it would be a long term project for our congregation to become a part of someone's life in a relationship of friendship and support. It involves a group of 8 or so folks who will help a person or family navigate "the system" to find employment, do paperwork, get driver's license, find affordable housing, learn financial planning etc. These things are what we do in our own lives, but to some people they are not known or easy to accomplish alone. There is training for how we would do this.

The people have come through the Lighthouse program for Homeless care and are ready to go out into the world again. We would be reaching out to them with a helping hand for one year, together, individually (with our expertise in a particular area etc) and periodically as a group.

Please come and hear about this project to see if we as  a congregation can and want to do such work.

Winter Relief at St. Phillip's - Jan 2-7, 2019

We have been invited to again participate in the Winter Emergency Shelter Program. Please think about whether we should agree to do this again.

The past several years we seemed to do a wonderful job with this and many people really enjoyed helping and getting to know our more unfortunate neighbors. It has been gratifying to all who participated before, but we need to be sure we want to do this again! I will ask for Friday dinner, Saturday all meals and Sunday Breakfast and lunch - plus all shifts for these times (day and night) - same as last year. Please let Hildy Cardaci know if you are interested and want to help!