We learned last week that Yasir has been able to buy a car. As you know the first attempt was more or less a disaster and the company he bought it from took back the car and refunded all his money... not a nice story...

But then he has been looking every day, and when he went to the dealer to look at a used car, he was able to arrange a loan  and buy small a new car. He is so happy. This will be great for them, because they will have a reliable car and transportation now.

Our church family was very generous to give him $5,500 towards buying a car, and he used his tax refund and a friend's help to be able to have a good down payment. He asked me to tell everyone THANK YOU for your help - he sends his love!!


Four people from our Missions Committee attended the Research Workshop 2 weeks ago to learn what we should be working on in our different working groups. The Immigration Research group met with 8 people from the Immigrant/Refugee community at our UCC church on Wednesday, and we had a get acquainted session where we tried to build up trust and relationships. After sharing a meal and sharing our personal stories and telling each other why we were there and what we hoped to accomplish (us with the IAF groups) we got to talk rather openly about concerns, fears and worries for their families, friends and children and themselves. We discussed possible solutions and things that could be done to help the sometimes very serious situations. 

The visitors were really impressed by what we told them might be possible for improving their conditions if they were willing to step up and help us do it. We explained the golden Rule of IAF: "we will not do for others what they can do themselves". They understood and promised to bring more people to our next get together on August 22. They also told us they would speak to their pastors and see if they could get their church to explore IAF.

Basically an all around success with at least 2 people possibly leaders to work with us.


The Lighthouse will send their representative to speak to us during and after our Service on August 19th.

Please try to attend to find out about this program, which we believe might be something worthwhile for our Missions efforts!