Next Steps

Mission, Vision, and the Structures to Support Them



Not too long ago our church leadership was told that we did not have enough space for our Sunday School classes. We approached the problem in a pragmatic way: how do we start to expand the classrooms? 

As our discussions took root, we became aware that our church is growing not just in the need for classroom space, but also in its ambition to BE the present and ready Body of Christ in our community. We probably needed to do more than knock a few walls down, we realized. Instead, we need to start catching the vision of what The United Church of Christ of Annapolis could be, and needs to be, in a growing and changing community. What we build should be a reflection of our missions and hopes for the future, reflecting why those are our mission and hopes, not just a reaction to any immediate need. 


During the course of the summer our Transformation Team met with several of you, and is still conducting one-to-one meetings. The purpose of these meetings are two-fold: 

1) To develop a relationship with each person in the church;

2) To gain an appreciation for what mission and vision the church should have for the future.

We are now at the stage of getting ready to bring these engagements together. 

What’s next:

Thursday, September 28: Lee Crumbaugh and Monica Rausa Williams will send you a survey to capture any remaining thoughts you have about the future hopes of this church. 

Sunday, October 8: Survey completion deadline.

Sunday, October 22, after fellowship: Mission and Vision Workshop — First Session.

This will give us a working draft of a Mission and Vision statement that we can affirm after we’ve gone through Phase 2: Preparing to Build.

Thursday, October 26, 6:30pm, Planning Charrette Session 1, Elk’s Lodge. This is the one where your ideas are first expressed!

Thursday, November 9, 6:30pm, Planning Charrette, Session 2, Elk’s Lodge

Thursday, November 16, 6:30pm, Planning Charrette, Session 3, Elk’s Lodge

Sunday, December 17, during fellowship: Mission and Vision Workshop — Second Session. This is where, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of living Hope into the world, we finalize our mission and vision statement together!

Evening sessions will feature childcare and dinner!

I’m excited about where we are going — and to learning with you where God is calling us, and why we are going there. Everyone — everyone! — should have a voice in this process!


Rev. Ryan P. Sirmons, Pastor


Draft 5, 10/26/2017

We love, nurture, support and give hope on our journey of faith, caring for ourselves and our wider community as God cares for us, seeking God’s will for our lives.

As a people of peace and dauntless hope, we are a beacon of faith, compassion, and justice for Annapolis, the wider faith community, and beyond: a hub for the larger community.

Following Jesus, we develop community power by forging relationships, seeking the guidance of the Spirit, and acting in the “world as it is” to realize the “world as it should be.”

Rooted in faith and aware that God is still speaking, we pursue a thoughtful theology with deep awareness of the world around us.

We embrace all people as the family of God. We challenge ourselves, our church, and our community to be transformed by acts of extravagant welcome to all persons we encounter on our journey of faith, no matter who they are or where they are on life’s journey.

We celebrate the glory of God’s creation through worship, music and fellowship, creating space for all moments in the lives of each person, for sorrow, joy, despair and gladness.

Vibrant, meaningful ministries, from small groups to children and youth programming, engage all generations and encourage understanding, knowledge, new skills, service and lasting friendships.

We gladly give of our time, talents and resources to worship and serve.

Strategic Planning Survey Results